Monday, October 25, 2004

ChOcOLaTeS and OoOpS MoMeNTs

how come Groom's Cakes seem yummier and made to be eaten than the real wedding cakes?

and oh yeah, wouldn't it be sinful to have something like this in your wedding feast?


While helping my baby entertain his foreign counterparts at J&J, I mistakenly commented that we've dated and gone to Fort Santiago together... in the beginning of our courtship.

Turned out, we didn't and Jojo kept teasing me that I was talking of another guy.

Going to my house with his friends to rest before dinner, Jojo commented how, for 2 years now, he's suffered visiting me when our streets are flooded... which made him vow to never live anywhere near where I currently live. He hates floods...

But uhm.. uhh... 2 years?

We've been dating and fighting and loving each other for almost 5 years now...

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mrs.S said...

hahaha! this one's funny. are you guys talking about each other? teehee!

tin ni roLand