Monday, February 27, 2006

Suppliers and Summaries

HOTEL : PEARL MANILA* Taft Avenue (near UN Avenue) and Gen. Luna St.
* less than 5 minutes walk to Paco Park
* Contact Person: Merly (of Sales Office)
* Contact Number: 400-0088
* Website:
* Superior Room ~ P2,300 / night (w/ breakfast for 2)
* 2-bedroom suite ~ P5,200 / night (w/ breakfast for 3)
* No corkages on snacks/food
* 2-bedroom suite has amenities for cooking/heating food
* P12/outside call

Summary: Real spacious 2-bedroom suite that facilitated traffic of suppliers and entou. Nice furnitures. Clean surroundings. Working aircon. Generally helpful, friendly staff.

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to budget brides if you're not after grand staircases and lobbies.

FLORIST : ESTEBAN "STEVE" DOROTAN* Cell Number: 0919-5279404

Summary: As cheap as Dangwa suppliers but he meets you in malls at times convenient for you (like after office hours). He didn't really follow my specifications, considering I gave him pictures to copy, but the flowers were fresh and abundant. Our topiaries, which should have been fruit topiaries, became lush backdrops for us at the reception site (because he found a way to make detachable topiary heads). But dang he used Malaysian Mums :D

Overall Rating: I'd RECOMMEND Steve to non-OC brides on a budget. He's as cheap as Dangwa suppliers but he meets you in malls.

HAIR AND MAKE-UP: ANGIE CRUZ (w/ partner OGIE)* Cell Number: 0916-3868307 (Angie)
* P5,000 for 3 heads, P850 for every additional, half that for kids
(but he has increased his rates to P6,000 for 3 heads)
* P1,000 trial make-up
(he has increased trial make-up to P1,500)

Summary: Punctual. Made everybody looked like better versions of themselves. Very professional. Quality for less, because they're really cheap compared to others. Uses branded, hypo-allergenic products. You don't feel you're made-up at all.

Overall rating: I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND them, not just to budget brides, but to everyone... especially to morena women like me (and Karla, Jacque and yna) because Angie is really able to enhance features without needing globs and globs of foundation. I so love them!!!

* Cell Number: 0926-7172125
* E-mail:
* Website:

Summary: Cheap rates. Friendly main coord (Rowie). Punctual. Turned over wedding paraphernalia to us accordingly. Rowie volunteered to do one of the readings in lieu of my nag-iinarte friend. However, processional was not coordinated well and they arrived with the guests at the reception (not before, resulting to a harassed call from my MIL because of several irate guests who had problems with the seating arrangement).

Overall rating: I'd RECOMMEND Workzone for brides on a budget, or last minute needs. Rowie can also supposedly retouch make-up and host so it must still be a plus to have her. :)

GOWNS: TET HAGAPE* 105 Rome St., Green Park Village, Manggahan, Pasig, M. Mla.
* Contact Number: 645-0076
* Cell Number: 0917-8325285
* E-mail:
* Website:
* Entou gowns start at P1,200 (without beading)
* Mothers' gowns start at P2,500

Summary: Reasonably-priced gowns. general fit was ok. Hassle to go to Pasig-Cainta. Tet is really friendly and nice but a little conservative with her designs and embellishments. I think there should have been more beadings for my gown for what I paid for it, but the fit was right and I looked perfect in it. Atrocious garter and bag though. But I adored the cord that came with my gown.

Overall Rating: I'd RECOMMEND Tet to people who live near her, and who has the same wavelength as her.

GROOM'S BARONG ; DOUBLE O* Double O, H-28-30, Cluster Bldg, Tutuban, Divi
* P4,500 for pure piña silk and raya design

Nothing really to say here, except that my groom looked dashing as he bawled in front of the altar. We chose the design, bought swarovski-type buttons for it, had Jojo's measurements taken. I got the barong after two weeks as promised. I believe he was happy with it. And he looked dashing in it.

* Contact Numbers: 526-1414; 526-1348
* Cell Number: 0919-3291264 (Ms. Fe)
* P10,000 non-refundable deposit for all high-end packages
* Website:

Summary: Punctual. Uses high-end photo/video gadgets. Wacky, funny, charming team. Friendly couple running the company. Very professional and flexible. Cheaper rates for the same packages offered by others. But yes, we got them because of their album. :) They missed a lot of classy portrait shots and the group pictures were a wreck, what with people looking at 3 different cameras... but the pictures captured all the emotions that flowed during that day. CLICK HERE for another look at the pictures :)

Partial Rating: I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND Vignette if only for the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ignacio are such a wonderful, gentle couple... and their team was a wacky one! Only, I understand that w@wies get a kick from seeing their wedding pics posted by their photographers in their websites (like what Mimi, Pilar, paul Vincent, etc do) and Vignette doesn't regularly update theirs. Also, Vignette is very good at a really affordable price.

RINGS : VERAMOR* Obscure shop near the Bugong Store at Fernando's, Las Piñas
* inspiration :
* 14k, tricolor band (around 20 gms. of gold all in all) ~ P13,000

Summary: Happy with the rings because we got the distinctive look we wanted, and it's heavy and real solid. About 20 gms of gold for both rings.

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you're from Las Pinas. I mean,
there's Binondo if you're from Manila :)

CHURCH : ST. PANCRATIUS CHAPEL (Paco Park)* Contact Number: 525-7853 or 524-2022 loc 119
* administration by St. Vincent Parish (Adamson)
* Church Rate: P10,000 inclusive of generic white flowers for aisle
* P2,000 deposit to reserve the date, the rest can be paid in full
only after all pertinent documents have been submitted
* Accepts Discovery Weekend attendance in lieu of Pre-Cana
* 10 pews at each side, air-conditioned, new carpet
* Fountain isn't opened unless you're having your reception at the garden

Summary: Very beautiful chapel.

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for couples who want a cozy feel to their wedding, or those who want their reception nearby, or those who want their guests comfortably cool. Also for those who don't mind marching down a short aisle.

* Contact Number : 824-2477; 0917-538-0696
* Church and Reception String Trio ~ P10,000
* Church and Reception Tenor ~ P4,000 (but since we booked Austin,
he's increased his rates to P5,000 already)
* Website :

Summary: Accommodating with requests for specific songs. Punctual. Professional.

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for really formal gatherings or those with lots of time for music (so you can make sulit naman your payment).

RECEPTION VENUE : THE COURTYARD (PICC)* Not yet officially launched, first outdoor venue offered by PICC
* Contact Numbers: 551-6920 or 551-7920 loc 7218
* Contact Person: Leonor / Kathryn (for inquiries); Ycay (for events)
* Venue Price: P30,000 plus 10% tax, plus reimbursible 20% buffer for
incidental expenses
* Does not require surcharge for catering services
* Only accredited caterers allowed: Barbara's, Westin, Mandarin and
Via Mare
* Government-owned so prepare for long periods before contract gets signed, or your buffer gets reimbursed.

Summary: The Courtyard is real spacious. Romantic lighting suggested. Fiber-optic lights at the fountain areas are nice. Photo ops at PICC Main lobby allowed. Nice CRs. Can't go wrong with PICC. We had a garden wedding without our guests' stillettos sinking in soil. The Bridgeway leading to Plenary Hall could be used for back-up if it rains (provided there's no event at the Plenary).

Overall Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on non-rainy months. I was also promoting their Banquet Hall (P20k) but I heard it will be renovated. They also have a Reception Hall (where Mikee Cojuangco had her reception) but am not sure how much the venue rate is.

CATERER : BARBARA'S CATERING* Contact Person: Jeana Eduba
* Contact Number at PICC: 551-7920 loc 7661 or 7486
* Contact Number at Intramuros : please check W@W Directory
* Catering packages start at P525 plus 10% tax
* Initial deposit (non-refundable) of P10,000
* Optional: Bar Service of P45/head (if you want to bring in your own
booze and don't want to pay for individual corkage anymore)
* P500 charge for cake table (if not getting the cake from them as
part of the amenities)
* Offers event styling/additional floral arrangements that start at
* You can order crew meals for as cheap as P150/head
* Gazebo-type arrangement for couple's table, around P5k
* Fruit fountain for around P5k

Summary: Great-tasting food. Attentive crew. Friendly AE. Happy, raving guests. Divine blueberry cheesecake.

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for great-tasting food and if your budget isn't that limited. Also, since they have fewer clients because they don't advertise so much, AEs can really sit down with you (and easier to monitor accounts for them).

CAKE : JUDY USON (Cake Artist)* Contact Number: 430.8512
* mobile: 0917.897.5839
* e-mail :
* website:

Summary: We won our cake at the W@W Grand EB. It looked as perfect as could be! We really thank Ms. Uson for it.

Overall Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are after an all-cake cake
that's also really beautifully-presented.

SAN MIGUEL BEER DEALER : DON VHOYS (not sure if Manila area or
Malate/Pasay area)
* Contact Person : Anthony
* Contact Number : 899-8183, 895-8552
* Cell Number: 0917-8975839
* P2,500 per keg of SMB

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who want their guests drunk. :)


Overall Rating: WASWAS este HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Advice though, do not buy wines and liquor around Holidays, because they'd be a hell lot more expensive.

* Cell Number: 0917-8070754
* E-mail:
* Basic Package : P5,000
* LCD Screen Rent: P2,500 (but we got a discount of P500)

Summary: They didn't conduct ocular as agreed upon. Still, they were punctual in setting-up and played specific songs for specific parts of the program. Videoke provided with the LCD was a hit. Cheap. Didn't experience technical dificulties. Sounds were great considering the outdoor venue.


EMCEE : DULCE FORTUNADO* Cell Number: 0919-8626541
* E-mail:
* Services start at around P4k (she lives in Laguna kasi)

Summary: Bubbly professional! Great speaking and singing voice. Grammatically perfect.


* 2H 01 and 02, 2/F 168 Shopping Mall, Divisoria
* retail price: P40/pc (but at Robinson's Place, it's sold at P75/pc)
* super wholesale price: P30/pc (we bought 200 plus)

Overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for something that MIGHT/WILL gather dust on shelves, but doesn't look too common. Our guests loved it and commented how NICE they were.

HAIRPIECES: TET HAGAPE'S SISTER* just call Tet's landline for her number
* vine-like hairpieces start at P350

Overall rating: Super happy with my hairpiece. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

OFFICIATING PRIEST : FR. ED COROZA* parish priest - Our Lady of Fatima (Bacood)
* Cell Number: 0917-8381850

I'm so happy that Father Ed accommodated us, even though he didn't know us. He replies when you text him which made coordinating with him easy. He also came an hour early for the ceremony, and tailored his homily from the vows.

Basta, I love him. He stressed how God was witness to our union...

And superficial siguro but he spoke perfect English too :) He's not a jolly type of priest but God really inspired him to make our wedding sooo beautiful. And his homily was short and to the point. :)

It was accidental that Jojo and I found ourselves at the September 2004 Wedding Expo where I saw Charo (ni Jovan) who I knew from PEX. She told me to subscribe to the group. I did, and it's been a really wonderful ride since.

Of course, there are the bridal fairs and trends that you don't miss when you're an active w@wie. And here is where I got most of my suppliers.

And there's also the support group with ready answers to questions, with comforting words in times of despair (by the way, thank you to those who prayed for Pyro, his surgery was succesful and he's now out of the ICU), with tips when one is feeling lost and defeated.

I've made some really good friends at w@w (me project pa nga tayo, diba Joy?)... and met some really nice people here. And for John and Benz, and all W@Wies, i'd always be truly grateful.

And yes, we got our unity coins from w@w too.

For 2006 schedule:

For my blogpost:


Special Mention... for sponsoring our coffee and iced tea at the reception :)

GROOM'S PANTS* dacron wool (?) bought in Divi-Ylaya (P350 for 2 yards)
* tailoring by someone from our neighbor (P350 for the labor)

KISSING BELLS - DIY* bought bells at Morning Glory in Tabora, Divisoria
* just added organza ribbons to them
* Instruction Card read:

Please spare Barbara's glasses
Ring these instead for kisses

TOKENS FOR PS: BECKY'S KITCHEN CAKES* 1061 V. CRuz cor Bautista, Singalong, Manila
* 525-1648; 523-4245

Super sarap syempre! Because we failed nga to give them away, we brought some home. That was what I feasted on :) For bulk orders, order at least 3 days before your event. You can order yung half lang ng Potato Almond Krunch (that's P175 ea, and hindi naman sya hinati yung cake, it's icing-d all over naman). Pwede ring brownies (P190 ata). They do not deliver! They also have a branch at Valle Verde I.

TOKENS FOR FEMALE ENTOU: BAG CHARMS PLUS KIKAY KITBag charms I got from my friend (click here). Jojo's cousin has long sent us kikay kits of lovely purses and expensive make-up samples plus charm necklaces and bracelets. I just added vanilla cologne in all of them. My sis (MOH) got a pink bag with her pink bag charm :)

Bag charms was also what I gave to my female suppliers. :)

I honestly tried caring about how designers advise brides (or anyone in long gowns) to wear pointy-toed heels since it looks more formal. But I just knew it wasn't for me. I chose comfort over what's conventional and fashionable... but I still ended up happy.

Who knew hundreds of hours spent scouring malls would find me buying a Gibi pair for P1k. Anyway, super great buy for the comfort. Plus, I got the 3-inch heel I wanted (kasi most pointy-toed shoes I considered had understandably low heels). Really happy with the shoes, which I now wear with shorts :D

* Printing of invitations were sponsored by RAINTREE PUBLISHING. Other inserts and stickers were printed using our PIXMA Canon Printer. Monogrammed stickers were bought from PRINTED MATTER.

So there, they are suppliers i'm indepbted to for delievering so well on the day of my wedding.


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