Saturday, March 24, 2007


We arrived at the Malayan Plaza a little after 1 PM. Jen, a N@WIE I know by name and face (thru their babywearing instructional video which you can download from their Next9 website) was manning the registration booth and recognized my husband from this blog.

We were one of three couples who weren't showing bellies (I'm only going on my 3rd month, the other was on her 4th month, and the third couple have already given birth three months ago) but the rest of the women have all swallowed basketballs. Some were even due anytime this week :)

Three hours is certainly not enough to tackle everything, from myths to specific scenarios and challenges... but it was enough to cover all the salient points, which include:

1) Almost all women, regardless of their breast size, has the capacity to breastfeed and provide ENOUGH (not too little that you'd need to supplement with formula, nor too much that you constantly have to express the extra milk) for their child's needs.

2) Formula will never compare to breastmilk, not only because breastmilk is so complex and naturally adjusts to the baby's development, but because it has antibodies that will be very beneficial for your baby.

3) Breastfeeding has more benefits, both for your child and you, both for the present and in the long run.

4) Just because nature provided women with the capacity to breastfeed doesn't automatically mean that all women will be naturally good at it. One has to master the perfect latch to ensure the baby will get enough milk, establish the supply-demand and feedback system going on between the mother and child, and avoid pain for the mother. A perfect picture of the perfect latch is found here. Notice how the baby's lips are curled outwards and is latched, not just onto the nipple, but also to part/most of the areola... with her nose allowing for breathing. Here are latching and positioning links to instructions and videos.

5) Breastfeeding is a commitment you make, something your significant others and caregivers/medical handlers should be aware of, so they can support you... especially when you're at your most vulnerable (after delivery) or most tired (late at night).

The workshop served refreshments catered by Barbara's (or so hubs told me) and we all got goodie bags containing a shirt and transition tube from Blissfulbabes, a Medela cup, a pair of disposable nursing pads, pamphlets/brochures/discount coupons from other maternity/baby stuff companies. We also got handouts, of course, and the fathers were given a token of Hershey's Kisses with a poem for being supportive of their wives.

Others interested to take an active role in learning to breastfeed properly can contact people from The Perfect Latch or La Leche League.

Frustrated still about the fact that not only am I NOT HAVING PARTICULAR CRAVINGS but also not having appetite at all, my beloved tried enticing me to take my pick of a date place.

We went to Tiendesitas because we both haven't been there... hubs tried coaxing me to drool over the seafood and sizzling stuff, as well as the baked goods and fruits on sale... but alas, I just didn't have the appetite.

Usually, he'd tick off a list of things that I might like and my stomach will decide for me. If I don't gag at the thought of that food, then i'd eat it... unfortunately for us, even my old favorites like sinampalukang manok, sinigang na hipon, grilled tuna belly, etc. make me want to vomit my intestines out. I only like chicken if it's fried, and not battered. I don't like eating beef or pork. I will eat fried fish and sinigang na bangus belly, and that's all. I will eat sardines, but it's not really ok to eat a lot of canned stuff. I crave fresh oysters, kilawing tuna and tuna sashimi... mostly because i haven't had them for a really long time (and of course, raw food is a no-no right now).

Come to think of it, i'd probably eat something if I haven't had it for a really long time... but I don't like vegetables really (though i'd eat steamed baguio beans just fine). I don't like fruits verging on overripe-ness (?)... I can still eat a lot of bananas but I try not to since it doesn't help with bowel movement. I crave guavas but won't eat guapples, and won't eat them if they don't smell right... or aren't the right firmness. I crave indian mangoes but want them crunchy and sweet-tangy... and I won't eat the piko/kalabaw ones. I can go on and on...

Anyway, to appease my husband for only eating rice swimming in sinigang broth last night, I hard boiled an egg for the protein. And I ate an entire corned beef sandwich at Tiendesitas for meryenda even if I didn't like it. And I ate a whole cup of rice and bicol express for dinner with delight.

Because i'm having a gastronomic crisis, my Baby tries to buy me different things in the hope that i'd fancy them and at least eat. He loves me that much.

Anyway, we had a wonderful date at Tiendesitas/SM... one time, he even had me in stitches while we were resting in SM. We pretended to having just met that time, and he's this poor bloke who had to walk to Tiendesitas to meet with me... so poor that the only thing we can afford buying as date food was butong pakwan and mineral water. He asked me to be his girlfriend given that he was already holding my hands, and I (mock) refused, telling him that i'd only agree to become his girlfriend if he promises to take responsibility for the child i'm carrying, supposedly fathered by my driver. Basta, we were hilarious and in love and it was great being out.

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