Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My loving husband coined this term for me... since he's getting frustrated by the fact that I can't seem to sit still. We've even had slightly-heated discussions about how I should spend my BEDREST days (he wants the bedpan-by-the-bed thingie, while I'm all for sitting up to eat my meals and standing up to go to the bathroom thingie). Basically, he's just really scared of how i'm going to take it if we lose the baby... I, on the other hand, trust my OB's judgment that it's ok for me to do those things because even TOTAL bedrest cannot keep someone from miscarrying in the first trimester, if it's really meant to be.

Anyway, that aside... i've also given my Baby problems about my sleeping and eating habits. I usually get sleepy in the afternoons so I end up unable to sleep at nights... add to that some nights when I can't sleep at all, no matter how tired I am. So, there are nights which I spend just reading a book, much to my husband's dismay.

And though I haven't really had morning sickness... I have lost my appetite. I make sure to eat healthy meals, following the tips from the Best Odds Diet, but it's driving my hubby mad that am not going for second helpings. Or that am not craving some particular food.

So, if i've been left LIMITED by this pregnancy so far... my husband has been driven ANXIOUS and FRUSTRATED. After all, this is a journey that we may be going through together, but something that excludes him till the hour Baby Arevalo is born.


The kisses on the tummy and the talks contemplating how our child will look like, where we'd send him/her to school, how often we're going to visit his parents with the baby, if we'd have the 3D/4D ultrasound thing, what baby booties our baby MUST HAVE, who will take him/her outside every morning for some sun, who will handle him/her if he/she's colicy, etc... those are very gratifying moments though. All because we married at the right time, and chose our life-partners well.


Of course, am more spoiled nowadays! Unfortunately, am not craving anything they can serve on silver platters to make me happy. And since i'm chained to the house, I still haven't gotten around to buying cute maternity outfits (am only 2 months on the way, but my uniforms feel constricting already).


Love you, Baby Sac... we can't wait to irritate you with kisses :)

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