Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Born 28 years ago to be my friend
Born to be my darling, my beloved

It was crazy preparing for both my Sagada Trip and my Baby's birthday. Still, I had his gifts all wrapped last Friday before I headed for the great CAR outdoors.

As good luck charms, I had the printed copy of our intended wedding ring design in my wallet... and I was wearing the earrings he gave me. I also had the cross/sword/key pendant he gave me several years ago.

Anyway, my Baby fetched me from the Victory bus terminal early Tuesday morning, with hot soup (for my famished body) and hot water bottles (for my injured foot). It was really so sweet, having him worry over how hungry I was... with this air of resignation, of course, about the things that can only happen to me.

Yesterday, we had pre-birthday dinner at Hizon's. I bought something for his parents, a statue of the Holy Family, as a token gift for the 28th anniversary of their parenthood. It's also kinda cute that my baby's first name is actually Jesus too. Anyway, I really want his parents to know that someone else appreciates the sacrifices they made for their children, and all the love they gave. And with my baby being the eldest, his birth 28 years ago marked his parents graduation to a whole new grade level in the school of life. And because i'm suffused with love and gratitude for him, I didn't think it fit to celebrate his birthday without giving due recognition to his parents too...

And well... my baby grew up to be one of the most loving man I know... and I know he's the man I love now because he had good parents.

And I thank the world, and life, and God, for bringing him to me... am sure, a drooling, crying mess when he first arriveed on Earth... but meant for me just the same.

And today... apart from wishing my beloved well, and more happy turns in life... aside from looking forward to more birthdays with him, preferably within the sacrament of marriage, and someday with drooling, messy kids of our own... I also feel like it's my birthday...

Because the man I love is such a wonderful gift, indeed...

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mrs.S said...

hahahaha! ayos yung picture ni jojo ah!
pls greet him a happy birthday for me!

tin ni roLand