Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have adopted this motto of sorts ever since I first encountered the phrase from a story I read off a Chicken Soup for the Soul compilation. Keep Your Fork is actually a story of FAITH that something better is waiting for us when we die.

And I thought, we all experience little deaths everyday... the gradual loss of youth and health, the gradual giving away of body and mind. We lose loved ones, we lose jobs, we lose opportunities. We die from old ways of being when we change. So everyday, there are deaths. And everyday brings us closer to something better... and the best is always yet to come... till we all ultimately really die.

One Sunday afternoon, while attending Mass at St. Pancratius Chapel, I shared the story with my Baby... and he too was touched with the woman's testament to faith. He agreed to adopt it as his own motto as well. We even toyed with the idea of giving copies of the story with a fork as wedding souvenirs (but decided it was expensive, hehe).

It became the best thing we can say to each other after "I Love you"... during trying times, and even during already happy times.

We believe there is always something MORE out there. Something BETTER. And what's more, we believe we're getting there. So every day is a better day, just because we're together. And every triumph and acquisition, every happy news validates this belief.

We're comforted in times of pain knowing that something better has been planned for us.

We're made more delighted in times of joy because we still have something to look forward to.

The best is yet to come.


We started out with a combo meal of sorts at Greenwich on our first date... all that he could afford since he was still only a student. Last night, he came home with big, fat crabs bought from Zambales... just because.

He used to travel from Las PiƱas to Manila and back just to see me. Now, he kisses me and my tummy lots of times before sleeping together.

His Mom used to not like the idea of him having a girlfriend, but now, she's already given me two maternity dresses as she fusses and frets along with her son over my pregnancy.

We both used to hold entry-level positions. Now, we've both done a lot of travelling and earn really well.

We used to cry holding each other tight as we contemplated a marriage without biological kids. Now, i've just passed my first trimester with passing grades (not yet flying colors because i'm still spotting).

Oh, we've had our bad times... but we went through them together. And life has greatly rewarded us for the responsible choices we've made.

And still, the best is yet to come. :) No matter what happens, the best is yet to come.


The phrase is also engraved on our wedding rings.

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