Friday, March 23, 2007


Not being able to have proper anniversary celebrations seems to be the trend with hubs and I... hmmm.

Anyway, we had a row over something last March 14... and had to celebrate with my family as it was also my father's birthday. Still, my husband came home bearing gifts... a pig stuffed toy wrapped around a box containing a baby sling.

Like what I shared with N@wies, i've always been amazed by how Old World cultures carried their young... which Angelina Jolie made popular when she adopted Maddox. So it was with delight that I realized I could get pouches and slings too, and carry my baby that way. Alas, when I first broached the subject of babywearing to my beloved, he absolutely balked at the idea.

Especially since I showed him videos of babies being wrapped. He was aghast and felt the babies were getting hurt. :D

But I chose the right man to marry. He read all the literature and sites I directed him to (at least, I hope he did), and he brought me to SM MoA to check out the baby slings. And then, there's the gift of a sling... when our baby isn't due for another 6 months or so.

And tomorrow... we'd be attending the Perfect Latch:Breastfeeding Workshop. He's busy and stressed like hell and would have to work on Sunday... but he made time for this workshop.

We're still not that ok, where the 'row' we had is concerned. But my Baby has been patient with my harping and rants and tears. And though I sometimes feel unloved, I know otherwise.

Seven years separate us from that time when all we had between us was attraction... and the only thing we really shared were sexual urges. We've gone through a lot... and have come a long way from our first Greenwich pizza (Heck, we don't even eat there anymore). We share dreams now... we have plans... we continue to make choices with the other in mind. Now, we're really holding each other's hand and walking in the same direction.

Heaven knows how much I love my husband... and how fiercely I want to keep my family safe and happy. And I know how absolutely loved I am... and how infinitely blessed.

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