Friday, January 11, 2008

The Worst of It

I'm still sick...and may even have to return to the doctor because the antibiotics doesn't seem to be doing me any good.

I hate having to sneeze or cough when am holding Yakee. I hate that I can't pick him up readily sometimes because I have to wash my hands first. I hate that I sometimes forget to disinfect because he's already crying incessantly, desperate for attention.

I hate that am not sleeping well... and disturbing Yakee and Jojo in their sleep.

I hate that i'm groggy and sluggish and tired most of the time.

I hate that I might have really caught a bug, that this isn't just some allergy anymore, therefore, I could be contagious.

I hate that I can't kiss my boys.

But most of all... I hate not being able to smell Yakee's sweet smell for days now. He's growing up so fast and am missing his baby scent and it makes me feel terrible.

Really terrible.

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