Friday, March 21, 2008

Audio Consoles

Hubs' engineers are dreaming of designing and implementing their dream audio-video systems. They have been slowly investing on amplifiers and speakers and are scouting around for audio consoles. See, there is no use in investing on good amps and speakers if your audio console isn't good enough to really control the sound by manipulating the treble and all. Plus, it has to be able to keep up with the latest audio systems.

Audio consoles are those table-type thingies with lever-type buttons often seen in DJ booths. Concerts make use of a lot of these. Even TV shows and movie shoots have some handy to control the sound of whatever they're shooting/recording. And because of our rising demands on sound quality, more and more innovations have been made on sound systems. Every respectable broadcasting network (whether radio or TV) make sure to invest on the latest, most specialized systems to ensure more people tuning in to them.

I told hubs to direct his engineers to, which offers quality audio consoles and audio rental. It specializes in live-sound audio consoles and can provide for concert productions and church sound symstem needs. They are also authorized Yamaha, Digico and Digidesign dealers.

Maybe when they've already built their entertainment systems, we can get them to make ours too.

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