Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Career Training for X-ray Technicians

Our recent medical preoccupations made me wonder if the personnel in medical institutions are being trained properly and updated accordingly.

Take for example the x-ray technician who not only performs x-rays but also other laboratory tests like CT scans or MRIs. I remember years ago, my sister suddenly had high fever while on duty in a hospital in Novaliches. Those who attended to her conducted an ultrasound of her kidneys and informed us that hers is filled with stones. It was only great love for me that got my sister off the bed in the following days so we could have the ultrasound repeated... and the second opinion found that there was not one bit of stone in her kidneys. She actually had dengue.

My sister could have died if we didn't have the mind and the money to get a second opinion and have a battery of tests performed on her. Which is why it is drastically imperative for an x ray technician to be kept abreast of modern technologies' demands.

Lab equipment these days are more computerized now, requiring not just precision skills but actual smarts. An xray technician will be able to perform his work better when hopsitals and clinics invest on career training, and the real beneficiaries will be the public.

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