Monday, April 07, 2008

Mommy's Bad Gift

Yakee turned six months old today... and Mommy was irresponsible enough to let him fall off the bed. He may have hit the protruding legs of the computer table, I don't know.

I feel so bad for not waking him up sooner, and falling so deep asleep, and not getting to him in time. I feel so bad for letting him sleep on that side, using the heat as an excuse because he gets more breeze on that side. I feel so bad for not using more pillows and for removing the bag in that area which could have cushioned his fall.

I feel so bad for endangering his life, his health. On this special day too, no less.

I want to cry so badly but we're here at my in-laws and I really don't want them to consider me weak on top of being irresponsible.

Sigh. I just have bad things to say about me right now talaga... i'm just so sorry.


He doesn't even have a bump and though he cried so bad, it seems like it was mostly because he was hurt a little and much sleepy still.

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