Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mommastuff Topic: Routines

Nice asked me to answer the Mommastuff Question Week Two: Do you have routines for your kids? Care to share? Does it really help?

Shamefully, I am still working on a routine for Yakee. I actually believe routines are beneficial for the household... not only because it makes managing the home easier but because it also facilitates authority (mine) and discipline.

However, due to Yakee being high-need and me losing sleep... we sometimes both end up being so tired that we just do what has to be done. Yakee mostly sleeps and nurses and plays anyway.

But roughly, our routine is...

Wake up between 6-9 AM
Bath after a while
Yakee nurses and sleeps and plays alternately
Yakee feeds around noon
Yakee nurses and sleeps and plays alternately
Another feeding is around 8 PM
Bath at 9 PM
Lights out

During the day, I just find time to pump milk, wash his things, sort his clothes, etc. I am fortunate because I do not have to do chores, and usually have the afternoons to go online because Yakee hangs out with my cousin.

That's pretty much it. :)

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