Friday, May 23, 2008

Proof of Love and God

Imagine this. You and your spouse are both tired and lacking sleep. You're also sick. And you haven't had a romantic anything for ages.

You go out in a collective QT (quality time) with your husband's colleagues and watch a movie (Indiana Jones). Consider it a treat, a breath of fresh air, food for your relationship's soul.

You left your baby home for this because he's the one causing the sleep deprivation and exhaustion. He's the one causing Mommy's meltdowns and Pappie's tardiness. And he's also the one going to benefit the most from this, because a happy marriage for his parents would mean a solid family for him.

You and your beloved enjoy the movie. But all the while, Mommy is wondering how long it's been that she's been away, and how much longer the movie will be. Pappie is also not helping by commenting lots of times that he's missing the demanding, drooling, snotty, teething baby.

If that's not a proof of love, of God, then I don't know what is. Because you and your spouse are sane. You are both lucid. Rational. And there is no scientific explanation that can ever fully define this attachment. Science will also dictate that you need this time away from the baby. NEED. It's necessary. It's a must. So why in heaven's name would you be wanting to be with your child again... if it isn't love? If it isn't because of a Higher Power that has redefined what is necessary to you.

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