Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of Movements and Moving

Last year this month, I was six months pregnant and worried already that I still haven't really felt my baby moving. And then he moved for the first time while Pappie was holding my tummy. :)

In retrospect, it must be the high level of amniotic fluid that prevented me from 'feeling' him earlier.

Anyway, now we need not worry anymore about him moving. He is actually moving too much. Where else can you see a baby actually enjoying playing on the treadmill?

He crawls up it, or he walks while bending and supporting his weight with his hands. He loves sliding down it too. Soon, I expect Yakee to use the arm supports as monkey bars as well.

And yes, he already crawls up the stairs without needing support (so yes, woe to the one following his progress up the steps).

Half a dozen times during the night, I have to set him right beside me because he tends to orbit around his (and Pappie's) space.

And he flatly refuses cushions, mattresses and mats (what more, his pen) and insists on crawling on the floor, and playing on it.

He also likes being pushed in his play car.

No wonder he's not getting fat despite the increased appetite.

Our kid is growing too fast, and moving away from us so fast as he explores his world... and yet, he's also moving all the more closer to us, his parents, his family, as he re-introduces the world's beauty and promise to us.

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