Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nine Months of Happiness

Wawa Baby, we're not cooking for him anymore! But my sister arrived from the US the night before so everybody was, including Yakee, lacking sleep. So I just braved the rains last Monday to buy pancit from Chowking and cake at Goldilocks.

Yakee is having a blast anyway, because he's realy crawling everywhere now. And when he's in the mood to climb stairs, he will not be denied. Or we could deny him but put up with a bucking, upset child. He just loves being mobile.

He's also started pointing to things somewhat. And begging for food. His pedia gave the go signal for everything for him, provided the meat are ground. So he's been eating all the broths we can cook for him. We just make sure to cook the usual tinola and nilaga with less salt and spices for him. And yes, he's had ice cream and yogurt and taho.

Heck, he even insisted in having siomai the other night. And he had jolly good fun eating sinigang na bangus at Seaside last night. On a highchair too (pics to follow). But apart from last night, I still wouldn't say he's "matakaw" or "magana". He's more of a, feed me a little bit of everything Mommy. Sigh.

He still actually refuses to wear shoes, which is too bad because he has three really cute pairs (i've already given most of his old, unused, ones away), aside from new slippers, and this imitation crocs I bought in Divi for P60 (which he prefers playing with insteadof wearing).

He has lockjaw moments when he's sleeping... and woe to me who has to disengage my nipple from his mouth. Ugh.

He loves the "Makulay ang Buhay" commercial. And he dances to most of the popular dance hits right now (like Get Low). He dances to the Noddy jingle too.

Pappie sometimes complains that Yakee doesn't like him anymore, esply when Yakee wakes up in the middle of the night and, not finding me there (because he often wakes up when I go pee), would absolutely bawl (as if he's being maltreated or has just fallen off the bed). He absolutely refuses to be consoled by anybody else, which makes things a little more challenging for me. Now I really have to do most of my blogging and studying in the wee hours of dawn.

Jojo and I often marvel at how fast he's grown... at how long he's gotten. When I was tucking away some of his old clothes to be given away, I couldn't help but feel sad. But then again, I know I am not missing his babyhood at all because i've just been here.

Yakee doesn't consider me a proper playmate, for that he turns to my cousin and Pappie (and now, my sister). So sometimes he gets upset because I am not playing with him the way he needs me to. So I get sad and wondering if I shouldn't have stopped working to be with him, since he doesn't like playing with me anyway. Good thing hubs has a ready pick-me-up for moments like those... he puts things in perspective for me by telling me that had I been working, i'd probably be too tired to play with him and he wouldn't be attached to me so.

But yes, my take on his attachment to me is confusing. I love that he's attached to me, but it does make things harder for me. But when push comes to shove, I pick him up and tell myself that the days when he wouldn't be asking for Mommy will come all too soon so I had better enjoy it while it lasts.

Even if it means losing sleep because I have to cram.

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