Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Budgets and Bets


Month of May, I justified the Starbucks binge of choco cream chip drink (with extra whipped cream and caramel drizzle) by saying it's Mommy's Month. I averaged three cups a week.

I gained ten pounds that month too.

June, I stopped with the nasty, expensive habit and lost six pounds easy. But July, I started on it again. Now, am averaging two cups a week again. And yes, am back to 130 lbs.

So now, i've reduced our family to me counting change to buy my son's vitamins and Salinase drops. Well, okay, that sounds a bit melodramatic but the family budget has really gone out-of-whack already (well, there were some purchases we hadn't foreseen that had to be taken care of too... like NSO-certified birth certificates) that I dare not touch the rest of the money.

We have been overspending again. Or rather, we haven't been saving again.

And you know you've hit an all-time low when you propose the recycle of the Starbucks bags as loot bags for your son's birthday party. I mean, seriously... and yet, it's the least (and a green thing too!) we could do really because the cream chip drink is still the one thing that satisfies my heart and pacifies my grief (case in point, when I screamed at Yakee during the drive home last Sunday because he was biting my nips so hard, and he was screaming back while refusing to let go, and tears started streaming down my face... hubs bought me a drink to cheer me up).

Ugh. We are such bad parents!


It's been almost two months since my last period. But I expected to be irregular for a while since I am still breastfeeding. But, since we're not exactly being careful, there is always that chance that am preggy again.

Hubs wants me to take a preggy test this Friday if the red flag doesn't go up this week. I insisted that I know i'm not preggy because am feeling all my former PMS temper and cravings and bloat, but none of the pregnancy aversions. He insists he thinks I am. So we made a bet.

If i'm preggy, I will give him P3k. If am not preggy, he will give me P3k.

So, now am torn on what to wish for :D I mean, sure, P3k spending money would be cool... but how can I possibly wish not to be blessed with another child, even this early?


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