Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Family Day

Family day was supposedly Sunday (the 22nd) but I wasn't aware of that. Anyway, aside from begging hubs for a date, I also wrangled a Family Day for us. See, usually we'd go to the mall for errands or attend birthday parties or other events, but we've never went out just to bond as a family too (not that we don't bond at home, or play in bed at night, or have mornings in, but you know what I mean). So Saturday, we went to the Manila Ocean Park for one.

Did Yakee enjoy the fishes? Not really. He did run after an orange one in the walkway that was going back and forth, but my son was more interested in jumping into the aquariums/pool or playing by the ramps and siderails and stairs. Good thing he was allowed to enter free eventhough he exceeded the 2 feet limit.

notice the orange fish at the right,
that's the one Yakee kept running after

So where was Yakee happiest? At the play area, of course, where he also happily yelled "Weeeeeee" whenever he gets off the slide.

Now... if only Pappie would really let Yakee drive, his day would be complete :)

Review and pictures of Manila Ocean Park (forgive us, we only brought S2 and not Hedwig the DSLR)
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