Friday, October 03, 2008

The Material Birthday Gift

Hubs didn't go to work and surprised me with an Alex Franco Cake.

I turned 31 but the candles might confuse and suggest 40 instead, hehe

It's 12 inches (diameter) of pure heavenly goodness and I really felt so loved and spoiled. See, I had ordered a 10-inch one for Tuesday (Yakee's real birthday) because I had to rationalize our spending, what with Yakee's party coming up. And I guess, like all parents whose birthdays fall close to their child's, I have accepted that my birthday won't be celebrated anymore because Yakee's will always be just four days away. He'd get the party, he'd get the presents. And I was really fine with that. After all, it would bother me more if I can't celebrate his birthday properly when I went to all those trouble before for him. :)

Sigh. Hubs is bad because he's so good and sweet.

And the entire household has been converted to adoring Alex Fanco Cakes as well. Hehe.


Hubs also bought pizza but I never got to eat any. And my parents also treated the entire family to a dinner at Seaside and desserts at Dairy Queen.

The non-material gift? Having my family complete and celebrating with me. Feeling their love and support. Knowing i'm where I belong. Feeling God's grace and goodness. Knowing i'm blessed. Believing that no matter how perfect the day was, the best is yet to come :)

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