Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's a (Serious) Date!

I've just pre-registered hubs and myself to the 2nd Philippine Homeschooling Conference. It's going to be all day so we're sure to miss our son very much (and heaven knows what i'll do for his milk because I haven't used a breast pump for ages now).

Hubs has already warned me that he'd be as full of questions as he was when we attended all those breastfeeding seminars before. It's really okay, homeschooling is, after all, a family thing as well. Just because I am taking the role of 'teacher' doesn't mean our whole family wouldn't be involved anyway. Plus, it's also a lifestyle, much like breastfeeding, which we have to believe and work on as a family. Otherwise, every well-meaning (or not) person we encounter will be challenging our decision.

I know... Yakee is still too young. Then again, time flies so fast. Look at him, he's not a baby anymore! Thank heavens he still manages to smell like a baby sometimes but mostly, he's vinegar-y at best. Ahehe.

Anyway, I encourage all other parents to attend the conference even if they would never consider homeschooling their child. Am sure they'd pick up a thing or two complementary learning activities they can do with their kids there. Not a bad thing, if you ask me :)

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