Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Making of Baby Ama

I don't think we really talked about having Yakee's head shaved, but it was one of those things we've sort of taken for granted we'd do. And since he's turned a year old, a haircut was only a matter of time.

But I know, we sort of didn't just have him get his hair cut. We had him lose all of it! We didn't even get to practice any of the baby superstitions I intended to practice... so I just hope the barber who shaved Yakee's mop is intelligent, good and lucky. Hehe.

Yakee was verging on being a nightmare at the salon though. He was intent on dancing and getting free of the car he was sitting on, and he kept trying to slap the barber's hands away. Our hearts (hubs and mine) skipped several beats because of the razor so close to our son's head.

But the upside is... here's perfect proof that our son is cute. He looks like a sanggano, sure, but he's still cute and handsome and all kinds of cute! Oh wait, I already said cute... but you get the idea :)

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