Friday, January 30, 2009

How He's Grown

One year separates the two photos below:

He's mostly playing 'baby' when he sits on this rocker now, kinda immitating his 10-month old cousin. One of the true testaments to how time has flown and how much he's grown.


Last night, he babbled 'ba-ba-ba' while pointing to the picture of banana, then started signing it. Then he said 'dog' and pointed at the picture and signed it too.

I was too ecstatic for words, I almost bit him from delight. (He's been signing banana for a while now but it's only the 2nd time he's recognized it from a picture... and the first time he signed dog and recognized it from a picture, even though he's fond of the creatures). Haha. Poor Pappie was a little sad that he wasn't around to witness it. But I did remind him that he's the parent who's always willing to let Yakee run after actual dogs, so am sure what he contributes to our son's happiness is better.

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