Monday, February 09, 2009

Dreaming of our Own Home

Hubs and I were sort of rattled when we found out that his brother is already in the process of investing on a lot to build their dream home on. They were married just last december while we were married three Decembers ago.

So maybe that would be our 'date' thing this March, after auditing ourselves to see where we can cut back some more (ehem, food binges?). We can scout for areas and properties and really research our options.

Anyway, to relax ourselves somewhat from our exhausting road trip to/from Nueva Vizcaya, we talked about our dream home. Mainly, hubs asked me what I want/see in that home, a visioning process. He walked me into it, asked what things can be found where, etc.

I really want a yard. That's been a dream forevermore, even if it's not a big one and even if I don't think i'd ever like to garden. He wants a garage with a faucet, so he and Yakee can bond over washing our car. And I want an oven for the kitchen, preferably with marble countertops instead of steel. And I want every room to be a different color. And I want our place to be sparsely furnished, the only trimmings would be picture frames. And maybe multi-functional tables/chairs.

There has to be a kiddie room that will both be play area and learning center. And someday, a boys room and a girls room. No, I don't believe in a room each for a child. I want them to have their share of fights on who will put the lights out.

I know we can someday build such a home, we just have to forego some creature comforts and make it a priority. Besides, it really feels like am not going to be preggy with Baby Nunber Two anytime soon. The blessing and curse of PCOS and breastfeeding combined :)


Mahal... but you do know home is where you are, right? Love you.

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