Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nine Year Anniv Date

We attended the last lecture of the Love Institute and Second Moms School on Parenting at Valle Verde I. It was a great morning as we realized the things we have to improve on, the challenges that are ahead, the barriers to the things we want (our fears, our upbringing, etc.).

Hubs was also very sweet and bought me (for Yakee) the complete Anvil storybooks (15 all in all). We got that at a bargain prize of P1k.


It was sort of a bad decision. I asked hubs if we could drop by the Crocs Megasale since we're in the vicinity already. When I saw the line outside, I already thought that it wouldn't be worth it. BUT I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING.

It took us an hour to get inside. Then when I saw the line at the cashier's, I thought again that it wouldn't be worth it. BUT I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING. I was caught in the consumer psyche of having to buy because i've already invested time and effort.

Hubs thought I really wanted to be there and shop, so he also didn't say anything.

It seems really stupid now since hubs and I aren't really brand-conscious folks... but hubs commented later that we shouldn't be sad about our purchases but that we should learn from the experience.

Anyway, Yakee now has a pair... and we bought three of his cousins Crocs mary janes. Pappie also has a new pair of sandals :)

And although this is an unnecessary splurge and we could have made use of our time better, it still validated that we are far more blessed than we usually feel, and that we are really very generous towards our loved ones.


We capped the day off by buying seafood dinner to bring home and enjoy with the rest of our household.

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