Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet Hubs

Due to the heat and my inability to work with it, I have run our financial well dry by buying ice cream and having Starbucks frappes a lot. Plus, let's face it, goods are getting more expensive. Even only two years ago, if we spend P5k for groceries, that cart will be chock-full of 'treats' instead of necessities. But now, fresh milk and yogurt ARE treats already and we really can't afford bundles of junk food and expensive cheese and different-flavored ice cream syrups anymore.

But anyway, my point is... we ARE feeling the economic crunch. And since we have, at least, started SAVING a substantial amount, we're feeling the crunch so well of a reduced disposable income.

So yesterday, I made sandwich spread for hubs and cooked his favorite paksiw na lechon manok. I also made sayote soup and prepared his fave iced tea mix. Needless to say, hubs was made happy.

I got a backrub for all my efforts.

And a loving note and a P1k bill for a massage this morning. Since his monthly salary hasn't come in yet, and since he is the one buying all my ice creams and frappes, I know that he's also feeling poor right now, so I really appreciated the generosity. Yet another testament to how much he loves me.

I spent the money on groceries, however. I cooked Chicken in Lemon Butter Sauce for dinner. Twas enough to feel validated so my back can wait. I'll just wait for his salary and get a massage and pedicure then! Hehe.


Yakee's pedia observed he's a well-behaved boy. Hehe.


As cash-strapped as I am/we are, I still bought a gallon of Quezo Real at the grocery.

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