Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marinduque Revisited

We had planned the Holy Week trip to Marinduque and thus had budget for that. But since hubby's siblings couldn't join us then and could only go this May, we had to make a choice.

Admittedly, it wasn't a practical choice, to go there again. Not only was air fare more costly (because we couldn't book it earlier) but we also had to dip into our savings. Pappie also had to go on leave again. But we thought, money and leave credits, we could earn again. The main motivation was to see Yakee bonding with his cousins at the resthouse that was second home to hubby and his siblings growing up.

The kids played the minute they got together. They got tanned at the pier where hubs was reminded that playing wasn't allowed. Confining them in the cars was such a hassle. And entertaining them during the RoRo ride was a challenge in itself because they all kept climbing over the railings. Plus, we didn't buy lunch and the poor kids had to binge on cookies out of hunger, which made them all the more hyper.

The adult treehouse was already built when we got there. It was beautiful but the kiddie treehouse had the ocean view so even the visitors preferred it.

The minute Yakee stepped on his grandparents' yard, he proceeded to the kiddie treehouse, picked two fistfuls of pebbles and grinned in a way that was described as pure ecstasy. He was back in his playground!

Needless to say, we all lived an idyllic life where all we did was eat, rest and frolic in the sea and sand. The kids kept us on our toes because they kept running around the place. They also insisted on playing on the beach for hours, requiring the setting up of a tent so they won't fry. My new camera (named Gabrielle, or Gabby) came in very handy because we got to take pictures of us having fun in the water.

It was a laugh trip that would go on for days. The kids were alternately cute and frustrating. It was also a feast every day, with SIL as head cook. I cooked spicy chicken nuggets, we had barbecued chicken ass and calamari, we had beef tapa and carabao meat, tuna pasta, sisig, kagang, etc.

We went to Marinduque Hotsprings Resort in Malbog and also spent an afternoon at Melchor Island of the Tres Reyes group of islands.

Unfortunately, our family had to leave early because Pappie cannot afford to be away for so long. His Mom, Dad, brother, sister, SIL and the two little girls all accompanied us to the airport and didn't leave till our plane did. I was really touched by that gesture and the fact that we're all getting so close and bonded.

Of course, we're looking forward to an eternity of bonding like this. May life bless us with the means to do so.


Yes, Yakee had great fun!

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