Thursday, October 08, 2009

Terri-Yakee and the Family

Yakee woke up yesterday crying and in a bad mood. No amount of whispered words, caresses and gentle prodding would console him. Then he later spilled his milk because he was playing with breakfast. He scattered the pasta to be cooked, and started using some of them to poke his nose with. We had to remove his clothes because he was insisting on 'washing' his hands at the sink. He was contrary to the core so I left him for a while to get his birthday cake.

The birthday cake cheered him up a lot. He even allowed himself to be fed some lunch while 'talking' to Barney. He also fed himself spaghetti pasta sans sauce but with cheese. And he drank lots and lots and lots of juice. Later, he ate all the NIPS and sugar flowers on the cake.

Pappie accidentaly dropped the ceramic Barney and broke it in two (from the neck). Yakee then dropped the body and broke it in so many pieces. He picked them up, handed them over to Pappie and said, "Fix this." :)

It was today that I realized that our son was really stringing along phrases and sentences now. His favorite words are still "no" and "stop" and "okay" :)

After lunch, he watched some videos and then fell asleep on my breast while listening to the story of his birth. After that, we went to Harisson to look at musical instruments and wait for hubs' family for dinner at Aristocrat. Yakee went into ecstasies at the instruments shop but we decided not to buy anything from there yet. We just went to buy him some long pants instead while he feasted on a waffle.

Anyway, his Momsy's gift to him was a ukelele which he got at Aristocrat. He made the restaurant patrons laugh so much because he kept 'performing'. It's really amazing how he has form and hopefully, music will be one of his passions.

He also enjoyed playing with his cousins and we enjoyed taking pictures of them.


It was also Tito Luis' birthday and Yakee kept handing him the ukelele (which, we generally refer to as guitar since Yakee cannot really yet distinguish the difference in number of strings).


It was also Tita Ninang Chin's despedida and I heard they were all crying on their way home. We wish her well in her job in Dubai.


Pics and vids to follow.

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