Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ring and Flower Bearer

Our Yakee is our ring and flower bearer. Ring bearer because his name is Rubeus (ruby) which was the main stone of my engagement ring. Plus, he is living proof of our commitment to each other, and unconditional love.

Flower bearer because he carried these flowers for Pappie to give to me. And if truth be told, I think he thought they were for him and wanted to just show them to me. Hehe.

Just a few pounds more and am almost as heavy as when I was about to give birth to Yakee. Yes, I am fat now. But look at me, I am happy! Picture taken several minutes after midnight.

Told hubs he need not give me Valentines anymore but that he should cook something up for March, when we celebrate the 10th year of our kalandian.

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