Monday, February 22, 2010

Giving His Best Shot for Yuga

Hubs and I attended the Last valentine nAPO Concert last February 13, 2010. It was a 5,000 strong showing of APO Hiking Society fans, both young and old.

Now, hubs really wants to win the MSI Wind U123H netbook up for grabs at YugaTech's Great Gadget Giveaway so he painstakingly made a sign for it.

this is four A4 size sticker photo paper on cardboard...
notice how he looked for Yuga's font and all pa?

we were seated 2nd row in front so he decided to
pose at that area so all the waiting fans can see
(the concert was delayed by an hour!)

proof of people to see the sign

it was a long wait so there were many
photo opportunities

even when it got dark, he had to pose with the sign

this was during the finale

Hubs was really shy but he wanted the netbook... and I am hoping we'd get it. After all, he sold his so he could buy me a proper laptop for my online earning gigs. Plus, he could easily have just had a banner printed but decided instead to make the sign himself.

One other thing, it's too bad I was not able to compose right but am sure other people with cameras got a better shot of hubby with the sign... and Jim Paredes, while the APO Hiking Society were singing Kabilugan ng Buwan :)

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