Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mall Weekend

Last Saturday, Pappie took us to Market, Market so that Yakee can enjoy the dinosaur plants there and the playground while he jogs. I was supposed to look for maternity clothes and baby stuff and shop to my heart's content.

I just basically snacked my way there and got tired from all the walking. But Yakee had great fun. We capped the bonding time with a short stop near Pappie's workplace where he parked the car and let Yakee ride on the broken (abandoned) backhoe and front loader there. Yakee was super thrilled just touching the levers and make-believing he is driving those trucks.

Suffice it to say, he was spoiled mightily that day.


Sunday, we rested and just attended Mass.


Monday, we went to SM Manila where Pappie bought new running shoes for himself. I also bought a new maternity top and pants, new panties, new swim shorts for Yakee and some art supplies for Yakee. We spent some P3k on the 'school supplies' because the original HP inks were expensive... but we really only spent some P600 at National Bookstore. Hubs and I couldn't help but look around at the last-minute shoppers thinking that someday, we'd also be buying basketful of school supplies. We do thank our lucky stars that we have some years more to save for those.

I bought a lot of pens and two coloring books for Yakee. I realized that he still needs work on his hand-to-eye coordination. Now, I am not worried and I understand that he is only 2.5 years old... but I also realize that I have really affected his progress in learning. Since I am feeling slightly better, I intend to make up for lost time (two months, at least).

Now, I am also not a fanatic Mom when it comes to my child's education. I am an "enjoy your child" advocate after all and still plan to homeschool... but I see that my son needs more activities to be preoccupied with... and I have yet to make our home a print-rich one.

Oh... Pappie bought Yakee his first official ball (meaning, it's not just a toy ball). It's a soccer ball... which Yakee plays with by dribbling and saying "shoot." Hehe. He kicks his toy baskteball around though. Hay.


Meanwhile, I am still working on my son's Baby Book pics.

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