Friday, June 25, 2010

Pampanga Weekend

I have uploaded our pics for several days now but keep forgetting to blog about it. It was a birthday celebration for Pappie's sister and brother (and his wife). My in-laws also timed the blessing of their newly-opened eatery with our trip there. And then of course, the kids just had to go swimming.

during the blessing of the place

had to pose with my niece for we showed up in
seemingly-coordinated outfits (I know, I look bloated)

birthday girl Ira, hubby Trek and darling Iya

is there a cuter poster girl?

Yakee wasn't cooperative with the family pic thing

birthday girl Abbie, birthday boy Rocky, their daughter Lianne
and the officiating priest

with SIL's family and my in laws

my boys dancing by the road side

the lunch after the blessing at SIL's home in Porac

per Pappie's instruction

fun starts immediately at Poracay Resort

while SIL and Lianne had fun, BIL found new clients

Iya's water tubes are really fun to use

BIL and Pappie looking like brothers

fun in the cold shower

It's always great to bond with my in laws and we're doing so again this weekend (sans BIL's family from Pampanga 'coz they really have to tend to their new business). Anyway, I am really proud of what they're trying to accomplish, thank their parents/relatives for their hospitality and hope that we'd all grow up close as we raise our kids.


Photo Cache said...

love your white eyelet dress. always on the lookout for just the exact dress here.

Mec said...

The dress was my SIL's... she bought it without fitting and never got to wear it because her arms did not fit right with the armholes :D