Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Month from Now

Exactly a month from now, Yakee will be three.

Of course, our journey to parenthood started way before we gave birth to him. But still, we'd have been officially parents for three years already next month. Three years.

We still struggle daily.

But there are rewards daily as well.

Yakee is a good combination of our looks, though now he looks more like I did when I was a kid (he looks more like his Pappie when his hair is longer so it frames his cheeks). But Yakee's lips are his Pappie's :)

Appetite-wise, he's also a mixture of both of us. He's not hard to feed but he's not stocky or round either (like his father was) nor is he as thin as I was.

His temperament is a mixture of our brothers' though... Pappie would always say that he's a lot like Rocky (BIL) who's always hyper and gigil. On the other hand, I think he took his hitting and kicking ways from my brother. The upside though is that his mischievousness and happy nature is also from our brothers. I just hope he also got their ability to make friends anywhere.

I think he got his love for books from me, because between me and Pappie, I was the one who 'read' a lot in childhood.

And it frustrates us to no end that he got my inability to listen to anything else when I'm watching something... a bane when he's watching TV and we're reminding him not to go near the TV, or calling him to eat or pick up his toys.

Pappie says he got the Arevalos' penchant for making songs up... he knows several nursery rhymes but actually prefers changing the lyrics (into words we seldom understand).

And he got my brother and father's love for water.

And am not clear where he got his love for music... but I think he got our rhythm, thank God.

I also do not know where he got his love for closed spaces... as I am claustrophobic.

Our boy is growing up a lot like us, and a lot different from us. He's his own person even this young. And it fills us with dread and excitement to know how his brother will turn out.

Anyway, three years. We have definitely changed as people because of Yakee. And for the most part, I believe, for the better too.

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