Monday, February 07, 2011

Senti Over Yamee

I find myself kissing Yamee a lot, looking at him filled with love that I silently wish he'd never grow up and remain my baby.

I told my hubby that I feel such love because Yamee may be our last, which means it'd be the last time I'd hold a baby of ours in my arms.

And it's not that I am loving Yakee less. For one thing, I used to hold him like that because he was the first child we had. And now, I hug him a lot because I know learning to be a Kuya is hard... and he's doing such an excellent job of it.


Meanwhile, God bless our family. Aside from the petty projects of a possible trip to HK with family and Yamee's 1st birthday... we have these dreams of a better (not just better-paying) job for hubs, our own home and where to send Yakee to (for interaction and social skills). May we find the way, the means and the gratitude for every step toward our dreams.

1 comment:

geWi said...

waah ako rin nasesenti kay binog! sana forever syang baby, okay lng khet karga ko lagi haha.

lalo na pag yung kuya nya eh meh topaks, nasasabihan ko tuloy na hindi na sya cute. lol.