Sunday, December 18, 2011

Grabbing Great Deals

I've just read a friend's raves about having grabbed a groupon deal on Bellaroca, a trip which her family enjoyed very much. I really should grab sme such deals but I can't just yet, not until I learn how to manage our resources better.

A group of friends and I have also been discussing about ordering online and grabbing great deals from there (like from the recent Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales) and utilizing Alphacargo and Pobox. This way, you can take advantage of the best san francisco deals and New York steals and get those within a month at a shipping cost between $50-70. My Mom from Detroit ships stuff to us via Forex, which used to take a month but now takes 6 weeks due to inefficiency at our Customs. But still, that saves you a lot on shipping costs if you're fond of buying imported brands. You can also maybe work out some discounts if you buy from somewhere in bulk, and then sell those items here at published rates, and you'd still have earned!


I just let another Barbara's buffet go though. At first, I was considering it for an anniversary dinner with hubby but since redemption is next year, and we have seminars and trips lined up, I decided to just wait for the next one.

But I might just grab a spa deal soon... and maybe try some of the steak dinners being offered on groupon sites. Might as well indulge in fine dining while going over our priority expense list for 2012.

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