Saturday, January 14, 2012


When I was having dinner with college friends, infidelity came up and I was surprised to know that both their husbands had flings. They jokingly blamed late hours at work (as their husbands worked as a nurse and a call center agent).

I felt so awkward because I KNEW hubs has been faithful ever since. But then, I also knew that I could never really know for sure. And I didn't want to say that my hubby was faithful only to be teased about how "all men fool around" or "I can't really tell for sure" especially since, as one friend put it, she had no inkling at all that something was amiss... till she found out. They were good, not really having more than their usual problems... and bam, she finds out about the single colleague hot for her man.

This takes me back to times I have said to hubby how I may never have any doubts about him because he IS always thoughtful, loving and giving.

I told hubby about the conversation and told him that I hope never to be wrong when I say that 'my husband is faithful'. He told me he's gone the unfaithful way already before, with past girlfriends, which should make a difference because he's not curious anymore. And he told me that he knows what he's going to lose and would rather not lose that (us).

Hubby is a faithful guy and I know I am lucky for having him choose me. I just hope we raise our sons like him in the end, and have equally-lucky daughters-in-law.

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