Monday, July 08, 2013

Health Check Fail

Because of hubby's new job, we have to apply for health card memberships again... and aren't faring wel in that area because of our family histories and preexisting conditions (like being overweight!) and the results of the latest APE at hubs's former company.


So... we have had to shell out precious cash to undergo more blood chemistry tests. The results warrant consultations with doctors to manage our conditions.

The good news is that we are still not diabetic but just barely. The bad news is, our livers are complaining and are great candidates for cardio-vascular diseases.

This is causing us stress.

And I am furious and ashamed that I let our precious sons, the ones we always say we love so much... to have two unhealthy parents.

But I would rather not dwell on the negativity... God brought us here because He is telling us something. It is really time to be accountable.

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