Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Birthdays

I know... I have been one neglectful blogger. I still owe blog posts for our Dipolog-Dapitan trip and our Mind Museum Day but since these pictures are already up, they would go first.

Unfortunately for me, the kiddos got sick and then I got sick prior to my birthday. That made me really depressed. But hubs was all generous as usual for his birthday beloveds so I did get to enjoy the following :)

Alex Franco cake.... I chose this pic because Yamee's fingers were on the cake a second after this picture was taken

told you I was sick... 

Isobel's ice cream! This lot had to wait for about 3 days and went a roundabout way before landing on my tummy. 

Brownies and cream from Cioccolata (Bayleaf Hotel)... my new food phase

And we celebrated with both sides of our family of origin at Picket Fence

here's sweet Iya with a gelato mockup (Lianne couldn't make it coz they were in Manila just a week before this, and she had to study for exams)

I look like some streetperson playing nanny to the kids! Hay. But well, happy birthday to me and Yakee :)

Thanks to BIL, Yakee opened a gift for his birthday... haha. He couldn't quite grasp the idea of gifts of experience eh.

and here's bunso before he really felt bad about not getting a gift too

The October 7 birthday boys and their cake (which I mostly ate, hehe)

I should post this picture somewhere to scare me from the possibility of having 3 boys, haha

My fault for insisting on that against the light side... but anyhoo, thank God for our imperfect but very loving family

Picket Fence's gelato is my new fave, fave ice cream

the kids just loved it (well, the adults loved it more!)

card I made for Yakee... which he immediately misplaced... 

Not in this blog post is hubs' real gift to us... a Matstone juicer which I have been using every other day, and should use more. Hopefully, my diet will really improve and I will juice veggies more often.

I cannot believe I am already 36... and I am amazed that Yakee is now 6. When I put lotion on him and feel the beginnings of muscles in his lean body, I really get pangs of sadness at the babyhood that is now forever gone. Sigh. 

But thank God that asthma and tantrums notwithstanding, Yakee is growing up healthy and good.

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