Monday, March 24, 2008

How Metropolitan Hospital defeats breastfeeding

My nephew, Pyro's brother, was born yesterday at Metropolitan Hospital. Aside from being greatly annoyed from being bitten by mosquitoes while waiting at the OB door in front of the delivery room, and being semi-annoyed by the viewing hours at the nursery, I was also immensely offended by the feeding bottles in the nursery.

I know, feeding newborns using nursing cups (like what they do in Asian or Medical City) or spoons or syringes will require more nurses to attend to the babies. But this is how breastfeeding is defeated easily very early in the mother-child relationship.

PGH and Fabella are slightly better... they at least give newborns to whoever Mom can already nurse. I know, the idea of having your child nurse from someone else, or nursing some other baby other than yours might come across as freaky or improper for some... but at least the babies are allowed to fall in love with human nipples and associate feeding with softness and warmth... instead of artificial teats.

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