Saturday, February 11, 2012

Arevalos at the Park

Pappie intended to bring the boys to the huge Active Fun at the Fort. To our surprise, however, we found out that there's a new outdoor playground across Active Fun. It wasn't hard to fall in love with Terra 28th Park... I really couldn't stop myself from daydreaming of play dates there (where I will play hopscotch instead with other moms, haha) because the park was just so nice!

And here are pics of my boys having a grand time along with other kids/families :)

I didn't know we were going to a park so my shoes weren't made for following after Yamee

As a further treat, we walked towards Bonifacio High Street so the kids can be calmed down from all that excitement by the fountain there... and I can buy a box of choco madness muffins at Slice :)

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geWi said...

oh, i haven't seen this! nice! sana marami pa para hindi naman dumugin ng mga tao.