Monday, February 23, 2015

Shucks, Long Time No Post!

It's amazing and embarrassing to me that almost a year has passed since I updated this blog. What happened to my zeal for documentation?!

My eldest has turned 7 already. We have had several of his teeth extracted! He has started wushu lessons and he is now a gradeschooler. He has also discovered Michael Jackson and can read and we have had to deal with iPad boundaries and him picking up words he should not be repeating.

My youngest is now rattling our ears off with his never-ceasing chatter, has been testing his limits, pinning his Kuya down, is able to give as good as he's getting in teasing and rough play and is able to do basic addition till up to 10! He has weaned from breastfeeding but still nuzzles me as if he still belongs to my chest.

And he isn't youngest anymore. For now, I am 11 weeks along with our unplanned third child... and while this fetus cannot seem to make up its mind of how this pregnancy will be like, I am so ever thankful I have reached this far without the perpetual bleeding that defined my pregnancy with Yakee, and the perpetual nausea and craving for instant noodles that plagued me while pregnant with Yamee. In fact, I mostly like ginataang food! That's pretty healthy right? :)

Hubs and I... we have been married for 9 years. We are still generally happily married, as evidenced by the tears we shed at Feast preachings when we realize, with all humility, how infinitely blessed we are to have each other. Certain bad things have happened to people we care about, but it is rewarding to feel all the more closer to each other... and closer to God.

We see God in each other.

Oh, and me... I am missing a gallbladder now!

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