Monday, September 27, 2004


September 25
Went to the St. Francis Parish Office to put down a deposit on our Church reservation. Who would have thought i'd find the future groom of my college best friend there, doing the same thing.

My friend said, it's the alter-ego thing still working in our lives. They're getting married in the same church on 08 December 2005.

Another college friend said that if she's going to pursue a Church wedding, it would also be at Paco Park.

September 12
We decided to take a trip to Dangwa and check out which flowers we wanted to grace our wedding altar that would be in season during Decembers. My Baby fell in love with orange, yellow-tipped gerberas (which cost P180/dozen) and said he wants the whole altar filled with just that flower. We also bought some roses to offer to St. Pancratius Chapel.

His back was aching, and I twisted my ankle on a stone there somewhere. Ergo, we were both limping back to Paco Park.

We also decided to check out Orchidairum as a possible venue for the reception. We teased each other mercilessly about the other just wanting to hold hands while walking in Luneta. Ahehehe... Turned out, the place was closed. It also looked jungle-y and unfriendly.

September 05
Went to the Wedding Expo being held at the NBC tent. My Baby bought me a cake and we shamelessly sampled Ms. Maribeth's Chocolate Confections (0917-893-1688). It was two hours of checking all the exhibits out, asking for menu packages from caterers, debating the pros and cons of the current magazine-type wedding albums (and how we just hate portraits cut by the dividing line between pages) and wondering what we'd like as background music (singer, band or string quartet?).

I ended up with aching feet. He was disappointed that people were discouraging him from using FIREFLIES. We bought Go Nuts Donuts and missed Mass because I couldn't be kept away from organizing all the brochures and flyers we got. He, of course, fell asleep.

August 13
I started the spreadsheets to facilitate budget estimation of all the things we needed to buy and pay for, with the premise that we are not going to be sponsored by either set of parents, and that we'd be the ones paying for our entourage's clothes (heck, even our parents' gowns and barongs). The total cost was alarming at PhP340,000++.

And to think I also don't want either of us to be heavily in debt because of a wedding (some couples start getting as many credit cards as they want to pay for their wedding, and I will not allow that... we're happy with just the one credit card we share).

I know this should challenge my creativity, but it just gave both of us headaches.

July 2004
Upon deliberation of possible venues for the ceremony, we decided to drop San Agustin (because the steep fee they require can be channeled into other expenses). We considered Malate Church, what with my Baby being baptized there, but when we attended Mass there, I also almost fainted. We dropped it, because he didn't want a fainting bride... then we discussed Paco Park, and went to Mass there. And of course, we were just really decided after that. And we've tried going to Mass there together ever since.

Valentines 2004
We attended Vinnie's wedding, fought in the car during the drive to the reception, hit another car, and didn't really make up until we got to the reception site at The Fort.

We lost in the couple limbo dance competition but had great fun. We capped the day by playing with my baby's new PDA, and detailing stuff we wanted for our wedding. We also came up with the entourage and guest list.

Where can we possibly get the money to feed more than 300 people?!

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