Monday, September 27, 2004

tHe GrAnD gEsTuRe

I have found myself crying sometimes, that I've been racking my brain for ideas and ways to come up with a meaningful wedding for a cheaper price... only to be reminded again and again that my Baby hasn't told his own parents yet.

He couldn't understand how vulnerable and pitiful I felt, even if I know his parents cannot really do anything about it anymore, and are not likely to create scenes during the wedding anyway.

I just felt that he should have told his parents first. And that he should have told my parents he intends to marry me, rather than just have them find out because my Mom couldn't contain herself anymore and had to ask me..."Does Jojo even have plans of marrying you?"

I mean, that isn't much to ask, right? After all, he didn't even need to buy me the ruby engagement ring i've always dreamed of and go down on his knees in some melodramatic way just to get my YES. And i've even told him that i don't even expect the usual pamamanhikan from his family anymore...

I just wanted his parents blessings... supertitiously feeling that we cannot proceed unless we had it.

And sure enough, after many quarrels and tears... after partying till 7 am with his friends (and me texting him furiously about being so inconsiderate to not let me know if he got to Pampanga safely... when he was back in Manila na pala)... he decided to talk to his parents and tell them about the grand plan.

And there it is, the grand gesture I was waiting for...

Which made me sooo happy, I cooked for him yesterday... and even bought cake. :)

(he asked me if i was sure I wanted to marry him... and i told him, i never even needed to psych myself up, convince myself or prep myself to the idea... that everyday i've asked myself IF i really wanted to be with him... and no matter how i phrase and rephrase the question... i just keep coming back to one answer: a married life with him)

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