Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Surprise! Surprise!

Now that we are on our road to marriage, each day poses a new treat (sometimes a threat ) to us couple. We are growing closer and closer together and get to find out new things about each other. And often if not most of the time, these new things tend to be surprises of either delight or demise. Just like the little activity that Mec, her sister and cousin dragged me into just last week. I was a witness, as they took part to a full blown make-up and kikay accessories bodega sale.

Having two sisters of my own, and a mom who is as much a shopaholic as my two lady siblings, it didn’t surprise me that my future wife and lady in-laws would engage in such an activity. What was a surprise, and actually a treat for me was the fact that it was their first time to partake in such (and as what I would describe as “female barbarism at its best”) activity. Second only to “Banketa Sales” and “Ukay-ukay”, the “Kikay Bodega Sale” was a way for me to uncover the real person I am about to spend the rest of my life with. This was like seeing what the female species is in their natural habitat.

One thing I’ve discovered about Mec after this activity was that if she puts her mind to it, she can forego her concerns about varicose veins. She's also usually quite impatient with long durations of standing or walking, but with all those cosmetic wonders around her, she let time pass by (and forgot how hungry she was!!!). Another thing that surprised me was how she handled the long lines of waiting, the cramped up spaces, and the pushing and pulling that you could only witness in events such as this. She usually bails out on similar situations in the mall or other crowded places (was surprised she kept her cool and was smiling after). But most of all she isn’t the person who was much adept with bargaining and computing discounts, but the fact that she had the will to go to a Bodega Sale was itself a surprise.

I guess it would just be moments like this wherein I’d get to see a deviation from the Mec that I’ve been used to and the side wherein she would show her hidden potentials. Armed with the knowledge that she can bring out these hidden potentials during times that she is much fascinated with things in front of her, maybe I should always keep a bar of WC in hand so I can make her do loops for me. I am ready to be surprised and fascinated by this beautiful person I am about to marry. Bring it on baby!

Baby, why are you calling me MEC? We can never really call each other by our names/nicknames... see :)

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