Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My BiRtHdAy

Saturday, my Baby and I went to my friend Zsa's birthday celebration. Libet regaled us with more stories from her wedding (how Tatay cried when the priest came to the point when he told the parents to not be jealous that they're no longer the most important persons in their child's life), how they chose their wedding bands (9 grams and 18k), how they ended up feeding 400 guests in a traditional provincial feast, how her bestfriend comforted her when she was crying in her room while saying goodbye to it that night...

Libet also got me alone to ask me about the preparations for my wedding... giving me tips, asking about my concerns... marriage suited her and she's in bliss alright.

But more than that... it was delightful and refreshing to be around thriving unions the whole Saturday night... nothing could have been a better way to greet my birthday with...


My Baby slept over at our place. We slept at the sala on this mat I bought in Davao. It was a restless sleep, what with people coming and going (the maid does the laundry around 4 am, and we got home at past 2, and my bro wakes up early to bike, and his son noisily clamored for attention, and my sister had to be at school before 8, and everyone else was going to Christian Prayer meetings). Around 10 am, my cousin plopped Pyro in between Jojo and me to leave for her Church. I attempted to convince the tyke that he needs sleep... but all he ever did was watch his godfather snore, as if waiting for him to finally pay attention to him. Of course, watching them couldn't help but make me smile...

When Pyro realized he couldn't wait for Jojo to wake up anymore, he sat up and started babbling away. This roused my Baby, much to Pyro's glee, who took it as his cue to crawl on top of his godfather and sit on his stomach... and bounce up and down there. Fighting to stay awake amidst the kodak moments, I also told my Baby that it's out of the question for us to not have a maid when we finally have a kid... because I just know there'd be days when I'd want to just sleep!!!

There was nothing else we could do but play with the baby... and when he finally settled for a nap, it was time for me to prepare lunch. No rest for any of us after that...


My Baby and I still decided to go to Sta. Cruz to check out wedding rings. Twas hard to stay away after hearing Libet talk. I already found a design I really liked... and after seeing the ring-earrings-bracelet set sent to my boss, I knew I also want a 2-tone rose and white gold ring for a wedding band. Luckily, there was a store there which actually had wedding bands like that (can you believe that a size-11 doesn't fit Jojo's finger? ahehehe...) and Jojo was convinced that what I had in mind was wonderful. Of course, we didn't buy anything yet... especially since the rings there mostly weigh around 3 grams only, and we didn't really have any money (though they accept major credit cards).

It was fun though... and meaningful... to find myself on my birthday looking for something to symbolize the commitment we will be entering into next year.


And my wish was granted, sort of. The family went to Mass together before having dinner at Seaside.

I'm really thankful that Jojo made my birthday memorable, not because of the material things he gave, but for the time he lovingly spent just to be with me and my family.

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balikbayan_box said...

Happy Birthday Mec and congratulations for the coming wedding!