Thursday, January 06, 2005

aNd tHe CoUntDowN BegInS...

We revisited what we've accomplished so far, with our wedding plans.

We're contemplating a very intimate 60-pax wedding (basically, immediate family and principal sponsors and closest friends probably) and then a feast at their place on January 01 for his family (because they usually have a Rufo get-together there every year anyway) and another feast in Lipa for my family (since it's fiesta at my Lola's house anyway). It would still be a Church wedding and i'd still have my pale lemon-colored gown... but the usual fanfare won't be there.

And I am ok with that.

Aside from being poor (I am, a government employee who has no hopes of getting promoted this year, what with the economy), I also don't want to saddle my beau with the weight of the expenses.

And even if we had the money, I feel uncomfy about spending so much when we can use the money in other more practical things... such as a honeymoon, and a downpayment for something more tangible and permanent... like a home.

But of course, he has to run the idea by his parents first... and he feels they probably won't agree to it.

Sigh... let's just see how this union will unfold.

In the meantime, I very much enjoyed the spa day I had with Jojo's Mom and two sisters... a treat from his Dad, day after Christmas. And am looking forward to more bonding times with them.

My Baby and Me at the hammock in my father's driveway in Lipa


Panggatas ni Baby is the term fondly coined by my beloved to refer to his saving ways... for me, our wedding, our future family.

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Mik said...

Hey delish :)
welcome to the great and just-as-complicated world of small weddings :)
they're not necessarily cheaper, but still special all the same :)
happy for you, girl!