Monday, January 17, 2005

WEDDING: Karla & Adrian

Jojo's barkada in high school was composed of some 12 goofy guys. One of them (Adrian) got married last Saturday to Karla (a fellow W@Wie).

It was a very beautiful and expensive wedding which lasted some 9 hours or so, from the Mass at Santuario de San Antonio to cocktails by the Manila Bay to the dinner eception at the Sunset Pavilion of the Westin Philippine Plaza.

We wish them all the best that is yet to come.


Jojo whispered several times to me during the ceremonies that he can't give me as grand a celebration as the one we were attending.


Jojo had his PDA where the video of his proposal was saved. He let his friends (and their girlfriends watch it). Of course, they all found it incredibly romantic. One of them (guy named Mark) sarcastically thanked Jojo for raising the bar so high... now they'd have to be as creative as well (esply since their GFs also saw the video).

Jojo laughed and said, since he couldn't afford a really expensive wedding, he decided to compensate me with the sweetest proposal instead.


I failed to tell my beloved that loving me (in every way possible) has been the most wondeful gift he's given. I also failed to remind him that the grand gestures aren't the ones the public will see... but the little things that continuously assure me of his love.

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Jet said...

And you got it pat smack. Nothing could be more right. :)