Monday, February 28, 2005

PAMAMANHIKAN: Thwarted by Circumstance

My Baby was sick last, last weekend... and we weren't able to go to Lipa so he can formally inform my parents of his intention to bring his parents to meet my parents and talk, as a family, about our wedding.

We planned to re-schedule it last Friday, since it was an EDSA Holiday. But Thursday found him undergoing several tests at Medical City, because his back was hurting.

X-rays showed nothing wrong. Friday found him unable to even stand. But of course, being the really stubborn person that he is, and feeling slightly better the following day, he forced my hand Saturday afternoon... and we travelled to Lipa so he can inform my parents of his intention.

We returned to Manila that same night because he had to prepare several stuff with his parents. We passed by Medical City again for the final analysis of his x-rays. Basically, it was just muscle spasms... which caused his vertebrae to straighten up a little.

He was already in major pain by this time... but I couldn't exactly scold him for not listening to my warnings that travelling would further stress his back. He kept assuring me that whatever happens, the pamamanhikan would push through.

I couldn't exactly throw a tantrum about wanting him to be lucid and sober when they pay their visit the following day.

And much to our chagrin, he arrived home to find that his Dad was in pain. They thought it was appendicitis and he, back-breaking and all, had to drive his parents to the hospital.

When he saw different tubes and tests being administered to his Dad, he called my Dad to apologize and inform them that it's just not possible for the pamamanhikan to push through. His Dad, being where he got his stubborn streak, kept insisting that they go through with the pamamanhikan.

Anyway, my future in-law ended up getting confined. To this day. His blood sugar and blood pressure went up, that he had to be observed. He's stable now, thankfully, but they still haven't pinned down the reason for the discomfort.

We suspect, stress.

I can't help but worry over the possibility that Jojo would require therapy... and his overall health.

It also occurred to me that life is trying to tell us something....

Oh well...


Saturday morning, I went with my college friends to Divi. Found out that my college friend Allee, who is getting married exactly a week before I do, in the same Church as I am, also would have her pamamanhikan the same day I supposedly would have had mine.

And her Jay was also sick since Thursday...

Parrallels... :)

I guess, we're really alter-egos :)

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