Monday, February 21, 2005

My Baby fed me with so much ice cream and sweetness over the weekend... and am just really glad that he's no longer sick.

I can't take it when he's sick. I can't help but worry when he's sick.


Supposedly, we'd have his pamamanhikan this coming weekend.


Yesterday, we met the official florist at St. Pancratius Chapel. We got to chatting and he, of course, gave us his brochures and showed us pictures of flower designs he's already done for our Church.

We were pleasantly surprised to see pictures of orange topiaries. At least now, all we have to do is really save up (not an easy feat, actually) because we're now assured that someone can create for us the design we really want.


He also gave us tips about parking... especially in places where parking space is preciously limited and weddings are usually back-to-back.

He advised us to tell our guests that drivers shouldn't leave their cars in case vehicles for the next ceremony arrive early and their cars will be stuck and surrounded by all these newly-arrived cars. Of course, paging the other drivers will free your guests but that's still one hassle you can do without.

Good thing we're the last ceremony.

Calling the attention of ALEX though... you might want to inform your guests about this... so that they can allow my guests to park in the inner perimeter since you guys will be leaving soon anyway.

It may sound self-serving too on my end, but really, if your wedding isn't delayed... and the photo ops and recession not prolonged... chances are, we'd also avoid this hassle.

For we mean to start at exactly 6:30 PM :)

I'm scared of super-hungry guests.

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