Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Misc. Updates and Kwentos

I think i'd just give a rundown of what we've accomplished (or not, wehehe) so far.

Church and ceremony
I forgot na when we actually booked our Church. We have yet to pay the remaining balance and meet with the Officiant we want.

Still very much awaiting the proposal from the venue we checked out last Saturday. It was actually very big and proved to be very promising in terms of elegance, ambience, etc. But we dared not fall in love yet, lest we cannot afford the place.

Wedding Gown and Other Outfits
I've already found a design I really like, even had the photo developed. It's now one of the first things I see everytime I wake up. I'm considering a separate pannier type (removable attachment... o whatever the heck is the proper term) though for pictorials prior to the ceremony.

We've checked shops in Divi... Jojo liked one shop (where he bought his office barongs)... the Double O Boutique (i think... it's located along Pasilio H, and occupies some 3 stalls). I'm still leaning towards Mrs. Bautista though, because of the rave reviews about the quality she puts into her gowns.

Uhm... no real kwento about this one.

I've asked the famous (or infamous, depends which bride you talk to at w@w, ahihi) Boy Mahusay for a quote on the Church and Entourage flowers. Mostly, it's gerberas, mums and some roses here and there. Only, my beloved and I originally want fruit topiaries inside the Church... but seeing that it's more expensive, our options are still open.

I'd also be asking Mang Chris (in-house florist and photographer at Paco Park, who holds office at St. Vincent Parish) to give us a quotation for the same stuff... hopefully his will be cheaper. And him I really like so chances are, we'd be getting him anyway.

Besides, his photo album already contains pictures of fruit topiaries... so he knows what we want.

Photo & Video
Booking our supplier this Friday. I really intend to bargain that he give us high-resolution copies of the unlimited shots that come with the package we want. I mean, after all, he'd give the same to those who only got him as a photographer... why won't he do the same for us who also got him for our videographer... and ordered a wedding album from him? :)

He's kind... I know he'd give in.

Wedding Program
Uhm... am not anymore sold on the idea of a handfasting ceremony being included in the wedding ceremony. But we'd be consulting the Officiant anyway if it can be allowed. I hope he'd also be amenable to uhm... personal vows (which we haven't really made yet) and he'd give the really conservative Sirach readings a rest.

I've also been thinking of NOT throwing my bouquet, and not having the usual garter toss. Syempre I want a program that's unique and personal without being tiresome and complicated.

A friend has offered to gift us with money for it. And a family friend has offered to print them for us. Now, there's room in our pockets to consider ordering personalized gift wrappers too...

None so far. I'm looking at the two cheapest professional groups i've sourced... but we can't really decide until we've finalized the reception.

Really no budget for this... but a trip to the beach anytime will be nice.

Discovery Weekend and the like
Sigh. Can't schedule this yet because we're both busy and booking the photo/video and reception are top priority for the moment.

Medical check-ups
Somebody spank us... we have yet to get cost estimates for all the tests we intend to get.

My Baby and I have lately been stressed... partly due to the wedding preps, partly due to differences of opinion on what's important for the future we're trying to build together.

Oh, the Guest List
Well, technically... we've lost two key persons. One will be buried this Saturday, the other one on Sunday. But going to the wake has brought to fore relatives upon relatives... and relatives with kids at that.

I do not want to dwell on this one just yet. Ahehe.


Spending Friday with my friend Allee... who is getting married exactly a week before I do... WAS fun. We went to the same suppliers and interviewed them and asked for quotations and ate cake and exchanged ideas.

Girl bonding.

And it's nice realizing she's still the best friend I loved back in college.

She's just too dang noisy too.

And we both fell in love with ping-pong flowers by the way. Super nice...

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