Monday, April 25, 2005

some cute babies

This is YUMI...

one of our flower girls.

We originally want just 3 flower girls... actually, I orginally wanted 7 of them, wearing different colors... :) But then they became 3, and now... they're becoming many again...

mostly because cousins are volunteering their youngs... and who am I to say NO when I could be doing the same 5 years from now? ahehe..

anyway, YUMI (short for MAYUMI) is such a precocious, intelligent, super-active child. She won't stop dancing unless you tell her to... she kisses everyone you ask her to... she has sooo many antics, she's sooo pretty... she's just really going to take the limelight away from us, I know it...

and this... is PYRO

6 months younger than Yumi, he's also going to be the youngest in the entourage (so far... but if I include Naomi and Jessica, they'd be the youngests).

Jojo and I already know that his father might be ushering him out of our Church soon as he comes in... and re-discovers the ECHO at St. Pancratius Chapel.

And being very, very talkative and just plain noisy... we also know he'd be stealing the limelight from us.

Actually, our list of kids who'd be kicked out of the Church is growing... lolz.

But honestly, we so adore these kids and it's a privilege having them on our wedding. Am sure it's really going to be more memorable for us...

For we do not seek perfection in non-disruption (not that we're asking for brownouts etc)...

Our wedding celebration would be perfect if we'd feel that sense of family in the middle of all the activities and food...

And if a babbling tot is what would it take... fine :)

I just really hope our cousins and nephews would wait till everyone is finished eating before they topple chairs and ice carvings.


I believe my Baby and I can say, with all honesty, and despite their imperfections and limitations and issues and pasts, that we love the family we're marrying into.


Booked Vignette Photography. Loved their album. And so far, Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio have both been very easy to talk to and bargain with.

And again, because they were married at the same Church, it's like being showered with good vibes.


Got the quotations from the venue we dare not fall in love with. It's actually within our budget... if we limit our guests to 200.

Beloved and I will still talk about it. And maybe attempt to bargain with Barbara's. Wish us luck?

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