Monday, May 09, 2005

Expectant Couple


My Baby and I ate at this new Tempura Grill along UN Ave. They had this Mother's Day gift for every P500 worth of food... so we filled ourselves with california maki, gomoku soup and tuna sashimi to bursting.

And we got the gift.

And it was this set of barbecue brush and stuff... tools for grilling minus the grill.

I asked my beloved if he wants to give it to Mommy (his Mom). But I was secretly hoping he'd just give it to me.

True enough, he read my mind and told me to just store it in our 2nd chest.

I smiled... later I told him, I was feeling "kilig".

He laughed... and whispered that he was feeling the same.

Something about the expectation of togetherness that is looming ahead of us... and the quiet acquisition of little stuff for the two of us.


That 2nd chest already has this set of glasses we got for free for the 1st chest and the pitcher set and spoon/fork set I bought from Avon.

I also have this hamper here at work that will join them soon.


And to make me more kilig with anticipation... my beloved is joining me and my family to a trip to Bicol. We'd be together for some 4 days... and I'd be able to share with him the bountiful harvest from the Pacific Ocean that I so enjoy there!


And one other thing that makes me kilig... hahaha... we've really decided na on a reception venue!!! We're pencil booked already but am paying the downpayment this coming Friday.

After that, we'd be dealing with Barbara's (haggling actually) and ordering our wedding rings.

Yes. I am tres happy.

Oh, the venue is THE COURTYARD, picture to follow.


Jojo and I still owe each other a complete check-up! Plus, I have to go to an ENT before going to Bicol!

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